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New Arrivals

Explore the new teas of the season at Rishi, collected in one place! Keep up with all of the teas we are most excited to share with you.



New Seasons, New Teas

At Rishi Tea, we are always discovering unique and exceptional teas we haven’t tried before, enabling us to source and distribute exquisite and forward-thinking teas across the United States and Canada. If you love updating a traditional tea with a special twist, this collection has the tea for you. Plus, browse our newest teawares and offers, such as our newest available tea flights and Garden Direct varieties.

How to Enjoy Our New Teas

This collection showcases the latest drops of teas and teaware. Explore the exceptional teas that just hit our shelves, our favorite teaware to use and our newest offerings like bundles and sets to get you started on your tea journey. This collection is also great if you’re looking for a gift for that special tea lover in your life, featuring unique and bespoke tea blends that can’t be found anywhere else.


Our Garden Direct teas are the highest-quality small batch teas we can offer. Garden Direct teas are a limited edition collection of seasonal, single origin luxury teas, celebrated for their unique and faithful representation of the terroir they are produced in.

This collection is regularly updated according to the newest teas we source for the season. Our new arrivals will show up here as soon as they arrive.

Most of the teas in this collection come in 50 to 100 gram packages, good for about 9 to 18 cups of tea. See each product’s page for more details.

Our tea flight options are a collection of tea samples all based around a theme — either tea type or origin. The flights are a great way to get familiar with a particular tea type or as a gift.

Sourcing Excellent and Prestigious Teas

Our new arrivals aren’t the only collection with unique and boundary-pushing teas. Rishi Tea & Botanicals is dedicated to filling our tea store with exquisite and one-of-a-kind teas, catering to tea tastes of all types. Browse our best sellers to see what other tea enthusiasts love, or get prepared to brew delicious teas with our premium teaware. No matter what you’re looking for in the world of tea, Rishi Tea has what you’re looking for.