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Energizing & Awakening

Get up and go with these energizing teas, high in caffeine and built to help you get your day started.



High Caffeine Teas from Many Origins

Enjoy energizing teas from all over the world, renowned for their robust flavor and caffeine content. Perfect for a morning brew, this collection of caffeinated black, green, and herbal teas are the perfect addition to your wake-up routine. Select from our loose leaf teas, bulk tea sachets, or even tea powders to create the perfect cup.

This collection houses a wide variety of different teas, each with varying levels of caffeine. In general, black teas contain the highest caffeine, while herbal teas often have little to no caffeine.

How to Use Energizing and Awakening Teas

These energizing teas are just what you need to help you wake up or to get past your mid-day slump. Enjoy them hot, over ice, or even as a tea latte — all preparation styles will still result in a delicious caffeinated cup of tea. All of the options in this collection are curated and blended to provide a flavorful and aromatic cup of tea to get you through any task or event.


Black teas tend to contain the most caffeine, followed by Oolong and green teas, and finally white teas. Herbal teas almost never contain caffeine.

Most of the caffeine of a tea is extracted in the first brew, but there will still be some caffeine to extract in further brews. As the teas in this collection are high in caffeine, multiple brews will still offer a significant amount of caffeine.

Yes, the longer you steep your tea, the more caffeine will make its way into the brew. Overbrewing your tea, however, can result in astringent and sometimes bitter flavors.

Teas for Any Routine

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Rishi Tea & Botanicals has a tea to fit your routine. Get energized with a high caffeine tea, or chill out with a relaxing brew — the choice is yours! Sourcing tea from all around the world, Rishi Tea offers the most exquisite, unique, and flavorful teas available, curated from the best growers around the world. No matter what time of day you drink your tea, Rishi Tea & Botanicals has the right cup for you.