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Makers Spotlight: Rikio-San

Makers Spotlight: Rikio-San

Discover one of our favorite new tea farmers in the Hon Yama region of Japan.


June 24, 2024


Rishi Tea



Rikio-San is our friend and supplier of one of our favorite teas of this year's Garden Direct season. Nestled in the Okawa region in Hon Yama, Rikio-San's organic tea gardens are found deep within the forests and clouds at some of the highest elevations in the area. With natural forest and mountainous buffer zones, it is the perfect location for producing elegant and aromatic sencha. Rikio-San's Shincha offers a balanced, brisk, and energetic green tea infusion with a classic mountain fragrance.

Rikio-San's Hon Yama Shincha-image

Rikio-San's Hon Yama Shincha

Balanced | Brisk | Energetic

from $27

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