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How to Brew Tea with a Kyusu

How to Brew Tea with a Kyusu

The kyusu is a traditional teapot ideal for brewing pure Japanese green teas. 


November 15, 2023


Rishi Tea



The kyusu is a traditional teapot ideal for brewing pure Japanese green teas. Many kyusu teapots are fashioned in a side-handle style known as yokode, which was originally developed for preparing tea while seated on tatami mats. As with brewing any tea, finding the right balance of water temperature, infusion time, and amount of tea is very important.

Measure Tea & Add to Teapot


Measure approximately 1 table spoon or 10g of tea and add to the Kyusu

Boil Water Then Cool to 170°F


Bring water to a boil then add to your empty teacup and allow to cool to 170°F.  Boiling the water before brewing purifies the water and can help remove any chlorine or other adverse flavors.

Pour Water Into Tea Pot


Pour the water over the tea leaving about 1/4 inch of space below the rim of the teapot. 



Infuse the tea for about 45 seconds on the first infusion.



Rock the teapot to ensure an even infusion and steady flow.

Serve & Enjoy


To serve politely the cup is shown on all four sides and served with the best side forward.

Repeat for 2nd Infusion


For the second infusion repeat these steps and infuse for about 15 seconds.

How to Brew Tea

Rishi Tea & Botanicals includes instruction on how to brew for each of our products, including the brewing method. Generally, brewing instructions with water temperature, steep time, and dosage are found on our packaging. No matter how you plan to brew your tea, check out our brewing guides with videos and step-by-step instructions.