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Organic Tea & Botanicals

Organic Tea & Botanicals

Organic certified teas and herbs, grown without the use of agrochemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, are generally healthier for the environment, farmers and tea drinkers alike.
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Robust strength and briskness, with a profound sense of Hui Gan
aromas of spring meadows, chrysanthemums, elegant green teas, tart citrus and a unique herbal sweetness
aromas of spring meadows, elegant green teas and a unique herbal sweetness
A refreshing everyday green tea with a mild sweet flavor and pleasant roasted aroma
bright green with fresh and invigorating character
Bright and citrusy with a malty, graham cracker finish.
15 CT


Rishi Tea was among the first to earn organic certification under the USDA’s Natural Organic Program in November of 2002. 

An elevated take on a classic. Bold and brisk black tea with zesty, fermented limón citrus.
50 CT
This blend creates a youthful feeling, evoking the freshness of spring vegetables and tender green herbs, tied together with the lovely top note of sweet jasmine flowers.
Vibrant, refreshingly tart herbal blend featuring luscious forest berries.
15 CT
Vibrant, refreshingly tart herbal blend featuring luscious forest berries.
50 CT
A succulent rooibos blend with sweet blueberries and revitalizing schisandra berries