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35 Count Double Dose Unwrapped Sachets

35 Count Double Dose Unwrapped Sachets

Rishi's Pyramid Tea Sachets are double the dosage of a standard tea bag and only use the highest quality plant based, biodegradable materials.
Saffron Bitters
Inspired by classic Italian digestif recipes this blend combines heady aromatics from saffron and eucalyptus with juicy citrus peel while finding structure and balance from medicinal roots and fennel.
Item No.: OSBTB35-CS
Matcha Genmaicha
Sencha and bancha green teas blend with roasted rice and premium matcha for a toasted, creamy cup of "green breakfast" tea.
Item No.: OMGTB35-CS
Valerian Dream
Nervine tonic herbs like cardamom and fennel combine with the bittersweet and floral valerian root to help you gently dream away.
Item No.: OVDTB35-CS
Ruby Oolong
Deeply oxidized and slowly baked to develop complex layers of cacao, raisins and black cherry with a sublime, elegant structure.
Item No.: OROTB35-CS
Moonlight Jasmine
Made exclusively from spring harvest tea buds with abundantly rich sweetness that naturally complements the heady perfume of jasmine.
Item No.: OMJTB35-CS
Lemon Turmeric
A zesty, punchy blend highlighting whole dried lemons, turmeric and black pepper with the grounding flavors of cardamom and eucalyptus.
Item No.: OLTTB35-CS
Golden Triangle Breakfast
Sourced from tea gardens in the dense forests of Southeast Asia this black tea has a malty and robust character with a remarkably smooth finish.
Item No.: OGTBTB35-CS
Ginger Geranium
Ginger hits the palate hot then blossoms into an alluring aromatic finish with organic rose petals and essential oil of geranium lending distinctive floral top notes.
Item No.: OGGTB35-CS
Elderberry Healer
A rich cup highlighting the cordial like body and immune-boosting elderberry balanced with ginger and licorice root.
Item No.: OEHTB35-CS
Earl Grey Supreme
Top grades of Yunnan Dian Hong black tea infused with an extra-rich application of real bergamot citrus essential oil from fruits grown in Calabria, Italy.
Item No.: OEGSTB35-CS
Daily Green
An antioxidant rich, everyday organic green tea that is the ideal balance of both flavor and low tannin.
Item No.: ODGTB35-CS
Sourced from the highest quality farms in Eastern Europe chamomile blossoms have a lovely sweet flavor evoking fruit nectar, apple and quince.
Item No.: OCTB35-CS
Our prized organic ginger is sourced from Mizoram in northeast India and is heralded for its multidimensional flavor profile brimming with bright and zesty lemony aromas and enlivening, pungent heat.
Item No.: OGINGTB35-CS
$21.99 Out of stock
Mystic Mint
Soothing peppermint with a naturally sweet finish from licorice root combined with sweet enlivening basil
Item No.: OMYSTB35-CS
$21.99 Out of stock
Mushroom Hero
A rich and earthy profile featuring reishi and maitake mushrooms, decadent cocoa nibs and detoxifying roots.
Item No.: OMHTB35-CS
$21.99 Out of stock