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Organic Oolong Tea - Loose Leaf

Organic Oolong Tea - Loose Leaf

Oolong teas are highly sought-after by tea connoisseurs for their wonderfully complex aromatic profiles and are some of the most artisanal teas in the world.
Earl Green
Refreshing with the alluring aromas of bergamot oranges, citrus blossoms and lilacs
Item No.: EG-OP
Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tieguanyin)
Smooth and rich with aromas of roasted chestnut and notes of dried apricot
Item No.: IGOM-OP
Tropical Coconut
A rejuvenating blend of flowery oolong tea paired with refreshing, creamy coconut.
Whisky Barrel Aged Ruby Oolong
Oaky, vanilla, fresh tobacco, cherry, mellow sweetness
Item No.: ROBAT100-RP
Whisky Barrel Aged Gui Fei Oolong
Light heat, floral aromas with fruity tastes including a touch of Muscatel, mango and vanilla
Item No.: GFBAT100-RP
Ruby Oolong
Named for its brilliant red infusion, this full-bodied, deeply fermented oolong is slow baked to bring out complex layers of cacao, raisins and black cherry.
Item No.: ORO250-RP
Iron Goddess of Mercy Premium Roast
Classic roast, vanilla wafer, banana bread, hints of peach and pit fruits, deep roasting and classic oolong red water oolong profile
Item No.: DBJO100-RP
Yunnan Dong Fang Hong
Lychee, tea rose, marzipan, multi-florals, tropical honey nectar
Item No.: OHMB100-RP
Shan Lin Xi Gao Shan Cha Lot 2
Vibrant green, umami, purple passion fruit, white lily 
Item No.: SLXGSC2SP2250-RP


Oolong teas are considered “semi-oxidized,” meaning the extent of oxidation falls between green and black tea. This is achieved with a tremendous skill and intense focus from the...

Organic Milk Oolong
Cream, coconut water, umami and orchid
Item No.: OMO100-RP
Four Seasons Spring Lot PS 1
Light fermentation, fresh and green style. Very clear fragrance with long lasting gardenia and lilac floral notes. This tea is cooling and refreshing. 
Item No.: FSSP1SP22100-RP
Sticky Rice Oolong
Jasmine rice, multi-florals, pandanus, coconut, roasted sweetness
Item No.: STRIC100-RP
Dong Fang Hong
Nectarine, multi-floral, black cherry, rose, wintergreen, black sugar, angostura bitters. 
Item No.: DFH2250-RP
Eastern Beauty
Honey, guay hua, dulce de leche, tropical flowers, bitter orange
Item No.: OOBBH50-RP
Bao Zhong
A delicate palate with aromas of lilac and orchid
Item No.: BZ100-RP
Four Seasons Spring
Aromatic and flavorful with notes of fresh-cut gardenia, freesia blossoms and tropical fruits
Item No.: JO100-RP
Four Seasons Spring Lot PS 2
Dense and vigorous with strength and balance of fruity and multi-florals. This tea has heady notes of ripe pineapple and a strong gardenia flowery aroma. This tea is energizing and lively.  
Item No.: FSSP2SP22100-RP
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