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Garden Direct Seasonal Tea

Garden Direct Seasonal Tea

Rishi's Garden Direct line of tea offers the world's finest seasonal teas that are rare, unique and delicious. The seasonal teas we offer are based on the traditional harvest calendar and many are not available elsewhere in North America.
Maejima San's Gyokuro
Oceanic tasting notes balanced with minerality of fleur de sel, rich umami and is reminiscent of exotic mushroom consommé and bonito dashi
Item No.: GMO50-RP
Okabe Deep Kabuse
deep umami and classic kabuse aroma featuring a really special sweetness with notes of hijiki, kombu and mulberry leaves
Item No.: KABEOK100-RP
$33.00 Out of stock
Sugiyama-san's Shincha Single Cultivar Machiko
Sakura mochi, energizing bittersweetness with spring floral notes and hints of chrysanthemum
Item No.: OMSHIN100-RP
Uchimaki Single Cultivar Koushun
Cherry blossoms, deep density of flavor with balance of freshness, with minerality and lasting aroma
Item No.: SHIZ100-RP
$36.00 Out of stock