Winter Solstice

Celebrate the colder months of winter with this collection of teas and herbal blends that have a "warming" energy to stay cozy and comfortable all season.



What is Garden Direct Tea?

Garden Direct is a carefully curated selection of single-origin seasonal teas. They are packaged fresh at origin and sent via air freight to our warehouse in Milwaukee, WI so we can share these most cherished teas at their peak freshness.

A New Curated Tea, Each Month

Join the Rishi Tea Club and receive monthly deliveries of our finest curated tea selections. Rishi hand selects a new tea each month and ships directly to your (or your gift recipient's) doorstep - plus, it comes with a free glass teapot in your first shipment! Simply choose from your preferred tea type and subscription duration, and you'll be on your way to an exciting exploration for the palate.