Amber Shoraku Matcha Bowl
Artisan Handcrafted Matcha Bowl
Amber Shoraku Matcha Bowl
Amber Shoraku Matcha Bowl

Amber Shoraku Matcha Bowl

Designed for effortless holding and reflection, the Shoraku amber matcha bowl is a graceful companion, inviting you to pause and savor serene moments during your matcha ritual. 

About This Product

Raku-yaki is a unique type of Japanese pottery created for the purpose of the Japanese tea ceremony. It was developed in Kyoto several centuries ago. It is hand-formed and has a heat-resistant structure that is easy to hold. This bowl beautifully reflects the green color of matcha.

"Matsuraku Kiln" was founded in Kiyomizu-zaka,  Kyoto in 1905. It was moved to the vicinity of the Yada Shrine in Kameoka, Kyoto, in 1944. With the support of Master Deguchi Onisaburo and Master Oda Setsuso, the former head priest of Daikoku-ji Temple, the kiln was reopened and continues to operate to this day making exquisite tea bowls for the tea ceremony and matcha lovers.  


3.0625" H x 4.25" D


Kameoka, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan