Nishimoto Keyaki Wood Matcha Bowl
Artisan Handcrafted Matcha Bowl
Nishimoto Keyaki Wood Matcha Bowl
Nishimoto Keyaki Wood Matcha Bowl
Nishimoto Keyaki Wood Matcha Bowl
A beautifully lightweight, sustainable wood tea bowl ideal for travel, outdoor adventures and matcha enjoyment.

About This Product

This teacup is made from natural Keyaki wood and finished with black lacquer. It is resistant to cracking and excels in terms of hygiene. Creative Arts Lacquerware Nishimoto specializes in planning, art direction and production for lacquerware tea bowls, tea utensils and food table-wares as its main business. They bring together various local experts and artisans to create modern lacquerware products that combine quality and design inspired by traditional and the spirit of tea.

Keyaki (Zelkova wood) is fast growing and sustainable wood material used for at least 1500 years to build temples, tablewares and tea utensils in Japan and Eastern Asia. We chose to make a durable and attractive light weight tea bowl with Keyaki wood for travel and fun with matcha in the great outdoors and hiking. This wood has a beautiful grain, natural fragrance free stain and is very hygienic and durable for tea bowls.


2.625" H x 4" D


Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan