Kuro Raku Yaki Matcha Bowl
Black Raku Glaze Tea Bowl
Kuro Raku Yaki Matcha Bowl
Kuro Raku Yaki Matcha Bowl

Kuro Raku Yaki Matcha Bowl

About this product

This chawan, or tea bowl, is handcrafted in the Raku Yaki method. Raku Yaki is not made using a pottery wheel, but a slab technique called tezukune. First a flat circle is formed from the clay and deftly molded into a bowl using a paddle and the artist’s hands. Any variation in the bowl is planned and intentional. The firing of the bowl begins in a cold kiln that is swiftly heated to around 1000°C, which allows the Raku Yaki to keep a soft appearance and thick glaze look.

The beauty of natural imperfections found in the Raku Yaki teaware allude to the concept of Wabi Sabi 侘寂. This concept is about the exquisiteness found in the imperfections of nature and their state of impermanence.

Wabi Sabi is difficult to translate, but alludes to a rustic simplicity, transience, and natural imperfections that make an object all the more beautiful because of its flaws. The Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi, first emerged in the late Sengoku period in the 1500's. At the time, the consumption of tea underwent an important historical transition in Japan. Until this time, tea was served in gilded bowls and precious porcelain and was exclusive to the elite samurai and political classes. The imperfect, understated Raku Yaki tea bowl of this style represents the transition in time when tea was spread from the elites to the daily drink enjoyed by all people.




2.75" H x 4.25" W

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