Kosher Teas

Kosher-certified teas and botanicals, produced in our Kosher-certified production facility under the regulations of the kashrut Jewish dietary laws.



Certified Kosher Teas

We believe tea is for everyone — which is why we offer teas produced in our Kosher-certified facilities, following kashrut dietary laws to ensure nobody is prevented from enjoying exceptional tea. From Kosher matcha to black teas, oolongs and many others, Rishi Tea provides a wide variety of excellent and specialty teas representing both the classic flavors we love, and the unique and forward-thinking flavors we seek. Browse our wide selection and find a new favorite, remaining confident that it will meet your dietary needs.

How to Brew Kosher Teas

These teas can be brewed just like any other! For our loose leaf and tea sachets, we suggest brewing 1.5 tablespoons of loose tea (or 1 sachet) with 12 ounces of hot water, steeping for anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes. Individual tea varieties will have more detailed and specific brewing instructions to achieve the ideal flavor. For our Kosher matcha and other powders, you will need a bamboo chasen or other whisk to create a perfectly frothed matcha.


Since tea is a naturally grown plant product, tea on its own is naturally Kosher. Tea producers like Rishi Tea, however, also require a rabbi or recognized Kosher certification agency to visit the facility and approve its production.

Certainly! Brewing these teas over ice will not break any Kosher regulations, unless non-Kosher ingredients are added. We suggest brewing the tea slightly stronger before pouring over ice.

For best quality and longevity, these teas should be stored in an opaque storage container free of moisture and far from heat. While tea can last for 4 months and even up to a year, excess heat and moisture can cause tea to degrade quickly or spoil.

High Quality Teas for All Needs

Not everyone sips the same, but everyone should be able to enjoy high-quality tea. At Rishi Tea & Botanicals, we strive to provide the United States and Canada with the excellent teas we are able to source, bringing them to as many homes as we can in as many forms as possible. From our ready-to-drink Sparkling Botanicals to tea powders, and even tea concentrates, we have something to satisfy every need.