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Green Tea

Green tea is noted for its fresh flavor and green character, along with its scientifically proven health benefits.



Refresh With

Summer Flavors

As the temperature rises, cool down without compromising on flavor. Made in a few simple steps, any of our 200+ loose leaf teas and powders can be made into refreshing and colorful beverages, whether you want to enjoy the subtle sweetness of a Japanese green or the unctuous berry notes of one of our Patagonian blends.

What is Garden
Direct Tea?

Garden Direct is a carefully curated selection of single-origin teas sourced from the most esteemed growers. They are packaged freshly made at origin and air freighted to us immediately so we can celebrate and share these most cherished teas during the primer producing seasons. Each tea tells a story and invites you to share in our Garden Direct connections.

Unique Sachet and Loose Leaf Green Teas

At Rishi Tea & Botanicals, we offer a large variety of both rare and customary teas, sourced from unique origins and either presented in their purest form or blended with care. Green is the least oxidized of the six tea types, and crafted with an essential processing step called firing, which is the application of heat. This halt in oxidation gives this variety its vibrant color and provides its unique flavor and aroma. Carrying classic favorites, modern innovations and bespoke organic blends, this collection is sure to have a number of offerings to impress tea drinkers of all kinds.

How to Brew Organic Green Tea

To achieve the best results and flavor from these green varieties from Rishi, add 12 ounces of hot water (180ºF) to 1.5 tablespoons (~7 grams) of loose leaf tea, steeping for 3-5 minutes. This type of tea is more delicate than more robust black teas, meaning less heat and time is needed for a well-developed and aromatic cup. Too much heat or time, and your brew will end up tannic and bitter, losing a fair bit of the natural sweetness these teas are coveted for. Another popular, powdered green variety is matcha, which can be mixed into a paste with water, and then diluted with either hot water or steamed milk.


Steamed green teas, often found from Japan, typically have a more vivid green color and umami-rich tasting notes such as “nori seaweed.” On the other hand, those that are fired with one of the dry heat methods, such as pan-roasted Chinese green teas, typically develop a more floral or nutty character. Green varieties are not typically very bitter as bitterness in tea is commonly referred to as astringency, and is more common in higher-oxidation teas such as black or oolong tea.

While each individual tea varietals will have their own caffeine contents, these teas tend to have a middling amount of caffeine, about half that of coffee. Matcha teas tend to have a similar amount of caffeine to coffee, though, as drinkers are consuming the entire ground-up leaf, rather than the steeped extract.

Teas are typically organized by how long they have been left to oxidize in the elements. While black and oolong teas are strongly oxidized, this tea variety is characterized by its limited oxidation, with many green varieties not being oxidized at all. This results in a lighter, more floral profile.

Premium, Organic Teas for All Occasions

Rishi Tea is happy to provide high-quality and flavorful teas and botanicals. Nearly all of our teas are certified USDA Organic, produced and sourced through long-term partnerships geared for ethical and sustainable production of organic teas. With over 25 years in the tea industry, you can be sure your next cup of Rishi Tea will be an excellent one.