Sweet Starflower Oolong
Garden Direct Oolong Tea Blend
Sweet Starflower Oolong
Sweet Starflower Oolong
Sweet Starflower Oolong

This combination of Tagetes lucida, also known as Aztec marigold, with our signature Ruby Oolong delivers a delicious taste of fruity and herbaceous flavors with a clear and invigorating energy. 

About 18 Cups Of Tea


Passion fruit, tea rose, tarragon, citrus blossoms, wintergreen and cacao 

About This Tea

Tagetes lucida (Aztec marigold) flowers are native to Guatemala and southern Mexico where they are known as “cloud flowers”, “Aztec marigold” and “Mexican mint tarragon.” The fresh and dried flowers have a fruity and complex herbaceous aroma. In ancient times Tagetes lucida flowers were taken as a powder, smoked and used as an incense to dispel fear and anxiety. The dried flowers are a common herb found in markets across Central America and are considered a shamanic herb and an aphrodisiac. It is used in smoking mixes, cacao ceremonial drinks, bush baths, healing tea infusions and burned as an incense known as “yaultli”. The herb is also infused in tequila to make hallucinogenic elixirs and cocktails. The flowers were introduced to Thailand about six years ago and they now thrive in Doi Mae Salong where we mix and age them with oolong tea. The complex fruity and herbaceous flavors along with the clear energy we get from this new tea blend is incredible.


Oolong tea, Tagetes lucida (Aztec marigold)


Doi Mae Salong, Thailand


Cui Yu (Jade Oolong)


Aged oolong with marigolds


1200 meters

  • Imperial
  • Metric
Traditional Tea Preparation

Add 9g to a gaiwan or gongfu teapot (per 150ml - 200ml).
Use 212°F boiling water.
Briefly rinse the tea and discard the rinse.
Proceed to infuse 1st brew for 45 seconds.
Infuse 2nd and 3rd brew for 30 seconds.
Repeat several times at 30 - 45 seconds, brewing until the flavor and aroma of the tea dissipates. As the tea leaves expand and unfurl, the infusion time maybe increased to coax out more aroma and flavor.