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Fortify & Revive

Browse reviving teas full of herbs and spices reported to help fortify you on your wellness journey.



Teas to Revive Yourself

Whether you’re running low on energy or feeling under the weather, these teas are sure to get you kicking again. These blends consist of herbs, spices and teas that have traditionally been celebrated for their immune-boosting properties. From low-caffeine options to help you rest and recover, to caffeinated teas to give you a boost of energy, these fortifying and reviving teas are an important tool to have in your tea pantry.

How to Enjoy Fortifying & Reviving Teas

While these teas aren’t inherently medicinal, teas and botanicals have been used by cultures all around the world to assist with the recuperation and healing process from any ailment. Filled with ginger, turmeric and other herbs reported to have immune-boosting qualities, these wellness teas are best enjoyed hot to help comfort you when you’re feeling down. Each tea in this collection has unique brewing instructions on their product page, but all of them can be brewed strongly or re-brewed.


The caffeine content in this collection varies. The herbal teas do not contain caffeine, so you can enjoy them before bed without worries. While the black and green teas have a higher caffeine content to help you get through slow days.

Absolutely, simply brew a little bit longer than normal and pour over ice. Some of our options, like our Sparkling Botanicals, are pre-made and ready to be enjoyed chilled.

There are many great teas to bring you comfort if you have a cold. In general, teas that contain turmeric, ginger, eucalyptus and similar herbs can be soothing if you’re feeling under the weather.

A Tea for Every Purpose

Our teas can do more than help revive you when you’re not feeling your best. Rishi Tea & Botanicals carries a number of teas that promote wellness in your life including our Detox & Digestif teas, our Calming & Restful teas, our Focus & Meditative teas and more! Browse all of our collections and find the perfect tea for what you need.