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Adaptogenic Tea

Adaptogens have been used to relieve stress-induced fatigue, promote mental wellness, and aid cognitive function.
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earthy, spicy, bright and light citrus
Vibrant, refreshingly tart herbal blend featuring luscious forest berries.
15 CT
Vibrant, refreshingly tart herbal blend featuring luscious forest berries.
50 CT
A succulent rooibos blend with sweet blueberries and revitalizing schisandra berries
A touch of cocoa nibs and a hint of sweetness bring this grounding yet decadent treat to life
32 oz (4 unit minimum)
Ginger hits the palate hot then blossoms into an alluring aromatic finish with organic rose petals and essential oil of geranium lending distinctive floral top notes.

In recent times many herbs have touted as "adaptogens." In the mid-20th century, the term "adaptogens" was created by Russian scientist, N.V. Lazarev. He used this idea to describe plants taken to enhance the "state of non-specific resistance" of an organism to stress. Essentially, an adaptogen is an herb or plant which is considered to aid in the body's resistance to stressors. Learn More about Tea & Health - Adaptogens

An invigorating blend of raspberry, burdock root and mint with revitalizing ginseng
This blend is energized by the Darjeeling tea, structured by its tannins and uplifted by the citrusy fragrance of Andean vana tulsi.
Our Mushroom Hero blend pairs these with roasted chicory and dandelion roots, creating a dark infusion with a coffee-like appearance, taste and mouthfeel. The uncanny coffee-like character tastes amazing as a caffeine-free latte, and also makes an in
A rich and earthy profile featuring reishi and maitake mushrooms, decadent cocoa nibs and detoxifying roots.
Refreshingly tart and fruity with a uniquely quenching balance of five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent.
bright citrussy high notes, bittersweet, blossom nectar, fresh orange zest