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Taiwan Garden Direct Teas

Taiwan Garden Direct Teas

In Taiwan, tea gardens situated above 1,000 masl (meters above sea level) are considered to be high mountain growing regions. The teas from these lofty elevations are known as Gao Shan Cha, translating as High Mountain Tea. Tea from these elevations is extremely precious, as the gardens only produce twice a year.
GABA Hong Yu 18 Whisky Barrel Aged
Sweet orange, sherry cask single malt scotch, plum, raisin, allspice
Item No.: GHYBAT100-RP
Iron Goddess of Mercy Premium Roast
Classic roast, vanilla wafer, banana bread, hints of peach and pit fruits, deep roasting and classic oolong red water oolong profile
Item No.: DBJO100-RP
$40.00 Out of stock
Hong Yu “Ruby" 18
Red date, brown sugar, wintergreen, allspice and clove
Item No.: HYUN1850-RP