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Sencha Teas

Honyama Okouchi Sencha
Luxuriant, minerality, bittersweet, floral, tangy citrus, slight umami
Item No.: HOK100-RP
$32.00 Out of stock
Nishi First Flush Sencha
Refreshing and brisk with a pleasant bitter-sweetness, deep umami flavor and a greenish-golden infusion color
Item No.: ONSFF250-RP
Ookawa Deep Green Kabuse Sencha
Hijiiki, kombu-dashi, rich umami, tangy-sweetness of kampyo preserve, deep mountain strength
Item No.: KABEOK100-RP
Premium Japanese green tea with a rich mouthfeel and long-lasting fresh flavor
Item No.: OSEN250-RP
Sencha Superior
Fresh, grassy high notes with a smooth body, savory flavor and crisp finish
Item No.: OSENSUP250-RP