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 Sample the world's finest Garden Direct teas that are rare, unique and delicious. These premium teas are released seasonally, and freshly shipped directly from our premium producers within days of production.

Our Garden Direct offerings are available for a limited time. 

Gyokuro Teas

Sweet umami with notes of spring dew and chestnut

Black Teas

Sweet orange, sherry cask single malt scotch, plum, raisin, allspice
Date sugar, caramel, sweet potato, dried persimmon and classic Yunnan Dian Hong red tea mellow maltiness
Bright notes of Muscat grape, frangipani, orange blossom, caramelized sugar and tea rose
Buckwheat honey, peppery, herbal, caramelized, raspberry jam, deep and malty
Carnation, lychee, plum, tropical honey

Green Teas

Deep green, macadamia, umami sweetness and clear freshness with a slight roast
Dew drop, creamy, sweet umami, freshness and brilliance
Evergreen, bright, wormwood, bittersweet, chrysanthemum and white pine
Elegance of aroma, refined structure and mountain freshness 
Multi-florals, warming spices, green cardamom, sweets 

Vintage Tea Cakes & Pu'er

corn silk, bitter orange blossom, artichoke
Smooth and silky with a deep fermentation taste and sweet, malty notes
This vintage is bittersweet with notes of olive leaf, magnolia and emerging camphor and resinous aromas

Oolong Teas

Classic roast, vanilla wafer, banana bread, hints of peach and pit fruits, deep roasting and classic oolong red water oolong profile
Ripe nectarine, magnolia, tea rose, wintergreen and black sugar
Nectarine, multi-floral, black cherry, rose, wintergreen, black sugar, angostura bitters.