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Garden Direct Teas

The result of our personal relationships with premiere growers from around the world

Vintage Tea Cakes & Pu'er

Explore our curated selection of energetic aged Tea Cakes and Pu'er teas full of Cha Qi

Muscat, Concord grapes, palm sugar caramel, dates, mellow, sweet and malty
Barley malt, chocolate bar, porcini mushroom
Olive leaf, bittersweet, magnolia, dense tea soup, emerging camphor and resinous aromas
Smooth and silky with a deep fermentation taste and sweet, malty notes
corn silk, bitter orange blossom, artichoke
peat, pine resin, wild ginseng with slight aromatics of agar wood and sandalwood with an immensely strong Cha Qi. Slightly Smokey and peaty with “breakthrough the walls” strong Cha Qi, Bittersweet and aromatic woody notes
slight sweetness and pleasant corn silk aroma in the first infusions with a stimulating amino acid taste sensation
Rich and Ripe fermented tea taste with matured smoothness, bitter-sweet cacao nibs and chicory notes
Petrichor, savory, bright and fresh energy with single multi-florals similar to classic Iris & Orchids “Zhi Lan Xiang” tea fragrance and some slight roast resonance
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Classic roast, vanilla wafer, banana bread, hints of peach and pit fruits, deep roasting and classic oolong red water oolong profile
Dense, fruity, pineapple, yellow tea rose, golden tea soup 
Vibrant green, umami, purple passion fruit, white lily 
Fruit Stripes bubblegum, lychee, heady magnolia, tropical fruits, honey, wintergreen
Jasmine rice, multi-florals, pandanus, coconut, roasted sweetness
Nectarine, multi-floral, black cherry, rose, wintergreen, black sugar, angostura bitters. 
Fresh florals including a distinct lily of the valley note, Lan Hua and layered balance of challenging tannin, aroma and umami
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