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Pure Botanicals

Pure Botanicals

Herbs and botanicals have been staples in the natural apothecary and the kitchen for thousands of years. Explore our premium botanicals that can be used for a myriad of applications.

Schisandra Berries
Refreshingly tart and fruity with a uniquely quenching balance of five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent.
Butterfly Pea Flower
Abounding fresh spring energy with notes of steamed edamame, sugar snap peas, and lightly toasted walnuts.
Item No.: BPF100-RP
Chamomile Double-Dose
Sourced from the highest quality farms in Eastern Europe chamomile blossoms have a lovely sweet flavor evoking fruit nectar, apple and quince.
Item No.: OCTB35-CS
Enlivening heat with a bright, spicy lemony aroma
Item No.: OGING-OP
Naturally sweet and refreshing pure African rooibos with a deep red, nectar-like infusion
Item No.: OR-OP
Golden Chamomile Blossoms
Golden liquoring infusion with a fragrance reminiscent of honey and fruit blossoms
Item No.: OCBL2250-RP
Hibiscus makes a full-bodied, crimson colored infusion with a flavor similar to tart cranberry
Item No.: OHCS-OP
aromas of spring meadows, elegant green teas and a unique herbal sweetness
Item No.: OAAN100-RP
Red Shiso
warming, bright, red wine-like quality
Item No.: ORSHISO100-RP

Botanical Library

Rishi's Botanical Library is a collection of botanical art and information that can be used to understand these amazing plants that we use in many of our herbal blends.

Yerba Mate
Bittersweet, toasty herby flavor with nuances of olive leaf and eucalyptus
Item No.: OYM-OP
Kapoor Tulsi
floral and spicy aromatic complexity, refreshing and calming adaptogenic function
Item No.: OKT100-RP
Licorice Root
sweet, earthy, pungent camphor notes with a smooth mouthfeel
Item No.: OLRCS100-RP
Distinctive flavor and heady aroma, calms the body and soothes the digestive system
Item No.: OPEP-QP
Green Shiso
ume wine, wild oregano and tarragon
Item No.: OGSHISO100-RP
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