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Organic Pu'er Tea - Loose Leaf

Organic Pu'er Tea - Loose Leaf

Pu'er tea has an ancient history of more than 2,000 years, originating in Yunnan Province of southwestern China. Rishi carries many vintages and blends of Pu'er tea including sheng and shu Pu'er.
Pu'er Tuo Cha
Traditional style Pu'er with a robust, soothing flavor and sweet notes of dark mocha
Pu'er Ginger
Robust and invigorating with zesty ginger and hints of citrus
Item No.: OPG-OP
Pu'er Classic
Rich, full-bodied and smooth with a deep earthy sweetness and notes of cocoa
Item No.: OPC-OP
Dandelion Ginger
Spicy ginger and bittersweet roasted dandelion root with aromatic rosemary and refreshing citrus.
Item No.: ODG-OP
Pu'er Chaga
Pu’er tea and earthy chaga mushrooms with harmonizing licorice sweetness
Item No.: OPCH250-RP
Osmanthus Pu'er
Sublime aroma, fermented honey wine, earthy core and pure nectar sweetness
Item No.: BPUOSMAN100-RP
New Citrus Peel Pu’er
Herbaceous and woodsy with bright and lively citrus notes of petitgrain, bitter orange and floral neroli
Item No.: BPUNEWCP100-RP
Pomelo Ginger Pu’er
Heady floral, spicy and complex citrus aroma
Item No.: BPUCPPOM100-RP
Aged Citrus Peel Pu'er
Hints of spice, porcini, wintergreen and sweet tangerine
Chrysanthemum Pu’er-GD23
Classic chrysanthemum, bittersweet cacao, wintergreen, floral
Item No.: BPUCHRY100-RP
$20.00 Out of stock
Wa Shan Shu Pu'er Loose Leaf Vintage 2022
Barley malt, chocolate bar, porcini mushroom
Item No.: OWSP100-RP
$32.00 Out of stock
Vanilla Mint Chai
Decadent vanilla bean and sweet Saigon Cinnamon complement smooth, rich pu'er tea
Item No.: OVMC-OP
$58.80 Out of stock
Shu Pu'er Palace Vintage 2014
Rich and Ripe fermented tea taste with matured smoothness, bitter-sweet cacao nibs and chicory notes
Item No.: OAPP14200-RP
$85.80 Out of stock