Kukicha is pleasantly sweet with a lovely greenish gold infusion and creamy mouthfeel.

An enlivening and refreshing

green tea with a rich savory-sweet

flavor and creamy mouthfeel

About this tea

Kukicha is a traditional green tea unique to Japan. It is created by blending tender leaves, stems and stem fibers called keba that are collected during sencha processing. Kukicha is a perfect example of the Japanese way of making tea, in which no part of the harvest is wasted. Our Kukicha is pleasantly sweet with a lovely greenish gold infusion and creamy mouthfeel. Asamushi sencha provides delicate fresh notes while lightly roasted stems provide balancing sweetness, and tender keba leaf fibers create a full, enriching body. Kukicha is a wonderfully bright green tea that is surprisingly sweet and ideal for those sensitive to astringency.


Kagoshima, Kyushu Island, Japan

Caffeine Level


Based on a 8oz cup of tea made with suggested steeping method relevant to the tea type. An average cup of coffee contains about 90 – 120 mg / 8oz cup.

0 MG
100 MG
  • Imperial
  • Metric
Traditional Preparation

Water Temperature: 185°F

Leaf to Water Ratio: 4 grams per 8 ounces

Steep Times: 1 minute (1st infusion), 45 seconds (2nd infusion)

For the best infusions, we recommend brewing this tea in a Kyusu teapot.

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Kyushu Island, Japan

Kagoshima Prefecture is located at the southwest tip of Kyushu (the third largest island of Japan) and is largely mountainous and home to important lumber, fishing and agriculture industries. Much like the rest of Japan, this region has well manicured tea gardens with well-developed irrigation, and farmers follow strict growing procedures to produce this perfect tea bush shape and size.

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