Golden Triangle Breakfast Double-Dose
Organic Black Tea Sachets
Golden Triangle Breakfast Double-Dose
Golden Triangle Breakfast Double-Dose
Packaged in a resealable pouch without overwraps, these extra-filled double-dose sachets are filled with a blend of black teas sourced from tea gardens in the dense forests of Southeast Asia, with a malty, robust character and remarkably smooth finish.


Energy and heft with aromatic notes of ripe pit fruits, Bing cherry, hints of graham cracker and a tinge of cassia

About This Tea

Golden Triangle Breakfast is a gratifying black tea with a deep, malty character and a full-bodied, smooth mouthfeel. We source this tea from a densely forested environment in the mountains of the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia, where ancient tea trees and a variety of broad-leaf Assam tea cultivars thrive and yield teas with vivid complexity. We work with local villagers to promote the growing of this tea as a sustainable source of income and alternative to drug crops.


Organic black tea

Caffeine Level


Based on a 8oz cup of tea made with suggested steeping method relevant to the tea type. An average cup of coffee contains about 90 – 120 mg / 8oz cup.

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