Volume: 150ml

Dimensions: 3.875” W x 2.5” H

About this product

This Genyu Hohin is made from delicate, glazed earthenware pottery. The feel and quality of the hohin translate to its ease of brewing. Hohin translates as "treasure jar" or "magical jar” and is a traditional teapot designed to offer a deep appreciation of the umami flavor, rich mouthfeel, and lovely jade color of Japanese Gyokuro. The Hohin is designed without a handle, making it suitable for teas like Gyokuro that require a lower water temperature for infusion. The spout has a ceramic filter inside to strain most of the tea leaves. It is perfectly acceptable, however, to allow some of the finer Gyokuro tea leaves to flow through into the cup. This adds to the luscious body and rich mouthfeel of high-grade Gyokuro.

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