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Mint Tea

Mint Tea

Mint is a prolific herb that has been used by humans in tea, tonics and foods across cultures and times.  In ancient times mint was known as an herb of hospitality because its aroma was used to scent rooms when guest and visitor arrived.

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Decadent vanilla bean and sweet Saigon Cinnamon complement smooth, rich pu'er tea
Premium organic peppermint blended with floral-scented green tea
Full-bodied sweetness, bold mint flavor and zesty notes of cardamom, ginger and spices
Mellow with a sweet mint flavor, a pleasant toasty note and hints of chocolate
Exotic tulsi and cardamom create mystical high notes that perfectly complement grounding black tea and sarsaparilla.
Revered pacific northwest peppermint varietal offering cooling, candy cane-like sweetness.
50 CT
Distinctive flavor and heady aroma, calms the body and soothes the digestive system
Calming herbal ensemble with hints of lemongrass and mint.
50 CT
Soothing peppermint with a naturally sweet finish from licorice root combined with sweet enlivening basil
Green plum wine, wild oregano, tarragon, citron and lemon