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$200 Bundle - Japanese Green Tea Lovers

$200 Bundle - Japanese Green Tea Lovers

Spend $200 and we will email you a $65 redeemable discount code to use on a future purchase after the sale.

Add each item to your cart to add up to $201.90 in total.

Only one code will be assigned per order. Please see our sale terms for more info. Items may go out of stock during the sale, and will not be restocked. No code needed to redeem the offer for the Friends & Family Sale Event.

We suggest the following items to reach $200:

Takasuke Tokoname Kyusu
Genmaicha* - 250g
Uchimaki Single Cultivar Koushun
Shincha Machiko 7132
Kotodo Tin* - 600g
Nishi First Flush Sencha* - Teaser

*check that the correct item is selected from the item drop down

Golden infusion with a toasty aroma and nutty flavor
Item No.: OGMAI250-RP
Uchimaki Single Cultivar Koushun
Bright, brisk, Yamano Kaori, bittersweet, sakura mochi
Item No.: SHIZ100-RP
Kotodo Tin
Item No.: TSM175
Shincha Machiko 7132
Bittersweet, vibrant, soft-spice, cherry blossom, mochi 
Item No.: OMSHIN100-RP
$36.00 Out of stock
Nishi First Flush Sencha
Refreshing and brisk with a pleasant bitter-sweetness, deep umami flavor and a greenish-golden infusion color
Item No.: ONSFF50-RP