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Iced Tea & Cold Brews

Cool down your tastebuds when it heats up. 
Butterfly Pea Flower Powder
Abounding fresh spring energy with notes of steamed edamame, sugar snap peas, and lightly toasted walnuts.
Item No.: OBPFP100-RP
Sweet Thai Iced Tea Powder
Classic Thai iced tea taste, without any artificial colors or flavors
Item No.: STTPBL500-RP
Jasmine Pearls
Tender tea leaves, hand-rolled and deeply infused with the sweet aroma of jasmine blossoms.
Item No.: EUJP250-RP
Blue Jasmine
This blend creates a youthful feeling, evoking the freshness of spring vegetables and tender green herbs, tied together with the lovely top note of sweet jasmine flowers.
Item No.: BJ250-RP
Earl Grey
Smooth and lively with the unique citrusy, floral aroma of bergamot oranges
Item No.: OEG-OP
Raspberry Green Tea
Smooth, steamed green tea blended with tart hibiscus and succulent raspberries
Item No.: ORGT-OP
Peach Blossom
White tea infused with juicy peach, tangerine and aromatic blossoms
Item No.: OPBL250-RP
Matcha Sticks
The perfect lift of matcha green energy on the go
Item No.: OMATSTK97-RB
1 Box (16 Packets)
Hibiscus Berry
A rejuvenating tropical fruit tea highlighting tart hibiscus and luscious forest berries
Item No.: OHIB-OP
Cold Brew Matcha
Stone-milled Japanese matcha and tencha combine for a clean, refreshing taste and uplifting energy
5 CT
Sweet Matcha
the perfect blend of green enlivening Japanese matcha and sweetness
Item No.: SMP97-RB
Butterfly Pea Flower Lime Lemongrass
Beautiful purple infusion with a fragrant citrusy herbal taste
$68.25 Out of stock
Uji Homare Gyokuro
Balance of umami and sweetness with aromatic complexity from aged and blended cultivars. Classic blue-green essence and vibrancy of the Uji tea terroir. 
Item No.: UHGYO50-RP
$40.00 Out of stock
Vanilla Bean
Rich and malty with a smooth, sweet vanilla finish
Item No.: OVB-OP
$78.75 Out of stock