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What To Drink Now

Classic chrysanthemum, bittersweet cacao, wintergreen, floral
Red rose, sweet and sour candied fruit, smooth fermentation
Refreshing with the alluring aromas of bergamot oranges, citrus blossoms and lilacs
A succulent rooibos blend with sweet blueberries and revitalizing schisandra berries
Rich, smooth black tea with the lofty floral and citrusy high notes of Italian bergamot.
Soothing mint, sage and lavender make for a perfect harmony
Barista Matcha is bright green with a fresh and invigorating character
Robust and invigorating with zesty ginger and hints of citrus
Calming botanical and aromatic flowers with the relaxing effects of valerian root.
An enlivening blend of golden turmeric with spicy ginger and zesty citrus
Mango, lilac, multi-florals, amino sensation, sweet golden tea soup
Sweet umami with notes of spring dew and chestnut

Matcha Favorites

Our top grade of organic matcha is made from the first springtime harvest of tencha, savored for its umami sweetness, creamy taste and enlivening energy
Barista Matcha is bright green with a fresh and invigorating character
Okumidori offers a balanced taste with a deep umami in perfect harmony with fresh aroma.
The savory feeling of Tsuyuhikari reverberates on the palate long after the first sip, concluding with a refreshing aromatic hint of pine, Sakura and floral oolong tea.
The perfect lift of matcha green energy on the go
Organic second harvest matcha that is bright green with fresh and invigorating character
the perfect blend of green enlivening Japanese matcha and sweetness
With its higher concentration of amino acids and a lower catechin content, Sakimidori is lusciously smooth and creates a vibrant and refreshing matcha experience.
Saemidori is noted for having low bitterness and a lush, savory umami taste with an invigoratingly fresh mouthfeel.
Stone-milled Japanese matcha and tencha combine for a clean, refreshing taste and uplifting energy

Direct Trade

By cutting out the middlemen we leave 100% of the price paid for crops on the table for the growers who worked to bring that product to us. The high quality teas and innovative blends we create are the result of these authentic, trusting partnerships built up over years of renewed business together.

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