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Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea

Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea

Gyokuro (“jade dew”) is a prestigious shade-grown green tea from Japan with less catechin (tea tannin), resulting in a smooth and almost oceanic cup of jade dewdrops.
Okabe Gyokuro
Rich umami, deep sweetness, mushroom dashi, vegan “bone broth”, density
Item No.: GOBL50-RP
$44.00 Out of stock
Uji Hien Gyokuro (Secret Garden)
Deep umami, rich sweetness, kombu dashi, savory nori, floral meadow, king trumpet mushroom
Item No.: UHNGYO50-RP
$48.00 Out of stock
Uji Homare Gyokuro
Balance of umami and sweetness with aromatic complexity from aged and blended cultivars. Classic blue-green essence and vibrancy of the Uji tea terroir. 
Item No.: UHGYO50-RP
$40.00 Out of stock
Uji Shuppin Gyokuro
Deep and resonating umami and sweetness with the classic Uji aroma of maturing vintages.
Item No.: USGYO50-RP
$46.00 Out of stock
Yame Hoshino Gyokuro
Dark chocolate aroma, toasted hazelnut, hijiki, deep umami sweetness and gentle roast
Item No.: YHGYO50-RP
$36.00 Out of stock
Yame Koga Gyokuro
Sweet umami with notes of spring dew and chestnut
Item No.: YKGYO50-RP