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Organic Green Tea - Loose Leaf

Organic Green Tea - Loose Leaf

Green Tea is noted for its fresh flavor and green character, along with its scientifically proven health benefits.
A refreshing everyday green tea with a mild sweet flavor and pleasant roasted aroma
Item No.: OBANCHA250-RP
Ceremonial Matcha
vibrant green with delicate umami undertones
Item No.: OCERMAT9730-RP


Japan is renowned for green teas with a natural and vivid green color, fresh sweetness, and famed umami flavor. Inside of Japanese green tea exists a world of nuance and character.

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Cold Brew Matcha
Golden infusion with a toasty aroma and nutty flavor
Item No.: OGMAI-SA

Green Tea & Anti-Oxidants

Camellia sinensis (botanical name of the tea plant) contains antioxidants in the form of polyphenols & catechins. Green teas contain EGCG, a catechin renowned for lowering inflammation.

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Honyama Okouchi Sencha
Brilliant expression of floral aromas in an elegant structure.
Item No.: HOK100-RP
$36.00 Out of stock
Amber colored infusion with a smooth flavor and accents of chocolate and roasted barley
Item No.: OHOUJ50-RP

How to Brew Green Tea with a Kyusu

The kyusu is a traditional teapot ideal for brewing Japanese green teas. Many kyusu teapots are fashioned in a side-handle style known as yokode.

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An enlivening and refreshing green tea with a rich savory-sweet flavor and creamy mouthfeel
Item No.: OKUK250-RP
Maejima San's Gyokuro
Oceanic tasting notes balanced with minerality of fleur de sel, rich umami and is reminiscent of exotic mushroom consommé and bonito dashi
Item No.: GMO50-RP
Matcha Genmaicha
A premium, rich genmaicha infused with Japanese matcha for an extra creamy cup
Item No.: OGMAT250-RP
Matcha Gyokuro
Top shelf green tea combining first flush matcha with gyokuro for the most vivid emerald green infusion and lush umami flavor.
Item No.: OMATGYO100-RP