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Garden Direct Teas 2022

These Premium & Rarified micro lots are air freighted to us directly from origin. 
Wa Shan Sheng Pu'er Cake Vintage 2022
Olive leaf, bittersweet, magnolia, dense tea soup, emerging camphor and resinous aromas
Item No.: OPCSC22200-RP
Darjeeling First Flush Chamong EX2
Yellow peach, white lily, light baking, peach pie
Item No.: OCFFEX222100-RP
Darjeeling First Flush Lingia EX2
Red rose, champagne grapes, muscatel, jasmine blossoms
Item No.: OLGAFFEX222100-RP
Doi Pu Muen Wild Tea Buds
Magnolia, cucumber, lily, Citra hops
Item No.: DOIPMWB50-RP
Dong Fang Hong
Nectarine, multi-floral, black cherry, rose, wintergreen, black sugar, angostura bitters. 
Item No.: DFH2250-RP
Dragon Well Single Cultivar Long Jing #43
Sweet grass, alpine herbs, chestnut, classic roasting
Item No.: ODWSUP2100-RP

Our Garden Direct series is a carefully curated selection of single-origin seasonal teas. 

Each year we travel around the world to connect with esteemed tea makers and select the season’s most outstanding micro-lots. They are packaged fresh at origin and sent via air freight to our warehouse in Milwaukee, WI so we can share these most cherished teas at their peak freshness.

Each tea tells a unique story and invites you to share in the discovery of new places and exceptional flavors.

The teas and botanicals we source for Garden Direct are not the usual commodity types. Less than 2% of the global tea production meets the quality and the provenance we import. True teas are like wine, so place, season of harvest, and terroir matters.

Four Seasons Spring Lot PS 1
Light fermentation, fresh and green style. Very clear fragrance with long lasting gardenia and lilac floral notes. This tea is cooling and refreshing. 
Item No.: FSSP1SP22100-RP
Four Seasons Spring Lot PS 2
Dense and vigorous with strength and balance of fruity and multi-florals. This tea has heady notes of ripe pineapple and a strong gardenia flowery aroma. This tea is energizing and lively.  
Item No.: FSSP2SP22100-RP
Fuding Silver Needles Vintage 2022
Cassia, sandalwood, rose, soft spice
Item No.: OFSNP2250-RP
Green Needles Single Cultivar Quntizhong
Alpine, spring meadow, lively, bright
Honyama Okouchi Sencha
Luxuriant, minerality, bittersweet, floral, tangy citrus, slight umami
Item No.: HOK100-RP
Iron Goddess of Mercy Premium Roast
Black Sugar, cream, waffle, classic oolong
Item No.: DBJO100-RP