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Cangyuan Sheng Tea Cake Vintage 2021
This lively and strong tea cake is fruity and deep with notes of resinous woods, peach and olive leaves
Item No.: OPCSC21200-RP
Eastern Beauty
Honey, guay hua, dulce de leche, tropical flowers, bitter orange
Item No.: OOBBH50-RP
Wa Shan Shu Pu'er Cake Vintage 2018
Smooth and silky with a deep fermentation taste and sweet, malty notes
Item No.: OWSSPC200-RP
$38.50 Out of stock
Dong Fang Hong
Nectarine, multi-floral, black cherry, rose, wintergreen, black sugar, angostura bitters. 
Item No.: DFH2250-RP
$22.00 Out of stock
Yame Koga Gyokuro
Sweet umami with notes of spring dew and chestnut
Item No.: YKGYO50-RP
$36.00 Out of stock
Yame Hoshino Gyokuro
Dark chocolate aroma, toasted hazelnut, hijiki, deep umami sweetness and gentle roast
Item No.: YHGYO50-RP
$36.00 Out of stock
Shan Lin Xi Gao Shan Cha Lot 3
Dense, fruity, pineapple, yellow tea rose, golden tea soup 
Item No.: SLXGSC3SP2250-RP
$30.00 Out of stock
White Crescent
Savory, sweet, corn silk, caramelized baked sweet potato, floral honey
Item No.: OWC100-RP
$32.00 Out of stock
Shaihong Sun-Dried Red Tea Cake Vintage 2021
Concord Grapes, Tuberose, Muscatel, Malty, Smooth Caramel Sweetness
Item No.: OSDBC21200-RP
$31.90 Out of stock
Okabe Gyokuro
Rich umami, deep sweetness, mushroom dashi, vegan “bone broth”, density
Item No.: GOBL50-RP
$44.00 Out of stock