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Loose Leaf Tea with Fruit

Dried fruits have been used in tea for centuries. From the well love scent of Bergamot on Earl Gray Tea to the berries and citrus fruits used in other blends, fruit is a popular ingredient used in many teas.
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Roasted dandelion root provides a bittersweet cacao profile, which is enriched with fermented Pu'er and oolong teas. Saigon cinnamon simmers with sweetness, while lemon provides cleansing balance. Finishes with uplifting hints of rose geranium.
This brain tonic energizes deeply with uplifting Matcha green tea and a zesty buzz of ginger, with fragrant peaks of rosemary and yuzu citrus.
A refreshing, fruity and floral blend of green tea with tropical herbs and citrus
White tea infused with juicy peach, tangerine and aromatic blossoms
Robust and invigorating with zesty ginger and hints of citrus
Smooth, steamed green tea blended with tart hibiscus and succulent raspberries


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A rejuvenating blend of flowery oolong tea paired with refreshing, creamy coconut.