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Black Tea Lovers $100 Bundle Shop this bundle

Rich, smooth black tea with the lofty floral and citrusy high notes of Italian bergamot.
A full-bodied and smooth breakfast blend with hints of sweet caramel and spice

Green Tea Lovers  $100 Bundle Shop this bundle

A lively, delicious everyday green tea nurtured by the clouds and cool mist of early spring
Refreshing and brisk with a pleasant bitter-sweetness, deep umami flavor and a greenish-golden infusion color

Oolong Lovers $100 Bundle Shop this bundle

Honey, guay hua, dulce de leche, tropical flowers, bitter orange
Bright, fresh, green apple, lily, elegance

Chai Lovers $100 Bundle Shop this bundle

Invigorating cinnamon, spiced sarsaparilla, sweet licorice root, uplifting peppermint and brisk Darjeeling
Classic masala flavors with the warming addition of chili flakes and ginger.
Decadent vanilla bean and sweet Saigon Cinnamon complement smooth, rich pu'er tea

Matcha Lovers $150 Bundle  Shop this bundle

Barista Matcha is bright green with a fresh and invigorating character
Our Ceremonial Matcha is vibrant green with delicate umami undertones

Loose Leaf Lovers $150 Bundle  Shop this bundle

Fresh and soothing green tea scented with the enchanting aroma of jasmine blossoms
An enlivening blend of golden turmeric with spicy ginger and zesty citrus
Lively, robust red cup with a brisk flavor and notes of dates and raisins.
Sumptuous cocoa shells and sweet, cooling peppermint are combined in perfect harmony

Japanese Green Lovers $200 Bundle Shop this bundle

Golden infusion with a toasty aroma and nutty flavor
Refreshing and brisk with a pleasant bitter-sweetness, deep umami flavor and a greenish-golden infusion color
Bright, brisk, Yamano Kaori, bittersweet, sakura mochi
Bittersweet, vibrant, soft-spice, cherry blossom, mochi 

Pu'er Tea Lovers $200 Bundle  Shop this bundle

Smooth and silky with a deep fermentation taste and sweet, malty notes
Traditional style Pu'er with a robust, soothing flavor and sweet notes of dark mocha


  • When will I receive my redeemable discount code from the sale?

    The week following the sale, you'll receive your redeemable discount code(s) for any qualifying orders to the email you used at checkout.

  • Can I earn more than one redeemable discount code?

    Yes! Each order that qualifies for the minimum spend ($100, $150, $200) will receive a redeemable discount code. You can take advantage of this offer as many times as you'd like during the promotional period.

  • Will you be able to honor this promotion for any items that are out of stock currently?

    Unfortunately, we don't honor rain checks for promotions, and will not be able to apply this promotion after the promotional period ends.

  • Can I share the redeemable discount code I receive with friends or family?

    Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to forward the redeemable discount code to a friend or family member. Please note, the code is only good for one redemption, so keep that in mind when sharing your code.

  • Does shipping count towards the minimum?

    Your gift code will be assigned based on your order total, minus shipping costs. So if shipping for your order costs $25, your order total must be $125 to qualify for the $25 redeemable discount code.

  • If I spend $300 in one order, do I get a redeemable discount code for $25 and $65?

    You will still only receive a $65 code for this order. To receive a $25 and $65 code, you'll need to place one order for $100 and another for $200 to receive two redeemable codes.

  • Will I be able to use the redeemable discount code I earn from this sale with other codes or promotions in the future?

    Only one discount code can be used at checkout per order.

  • Does the free shipping promotion over $49 spend still apply to this promotional period?

    Yes, it does! Any order over $49 (exceptions apply) will receive free standard shipping.

  • Can I apply this promotion for a phone order?

    This promotion is only available for orders placed online at rishi-tea.com.

  • I am not able to locate the redeemable discount code sent to my email. What should I do next?

    1) Your code will only be sent the week after the promotion ends on Nov 3. 2) Double check the amount of your order in the Order Confirmation email, and make sure it meets the minimum spend amount to qualify. If your order should qualify for a code, and you're expecting the code email to have already been sent, check your spam folder. If your code email is not there, please contact us at hello@rishi-tea.com.

  • What Rishi products can I purchase to get this promotion?

    Any available in stock items on our website qualify for this promotion. Shop any tea, teaware or accessory on our website to qualify.

  • Still have questions or concerns? Feel free to email us or call us, 9-5pm CST M-F.

Sale terms: Offer can be used on multiple orders, but only one redeemable discount code will be assigned per order. Cannot be combined with other offers. Code will be calculated based on final total amount, not including shipping options. Qualifying codes will be sent to the email address used to make the purchase after the sale has ended. Redeemable discount codes cannot be combined with any other sales, promotions or gift cards. Codes will be valid 11/4/22 - 12/31/22. Rishi Tea reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time. Offer applies to orders placed at rishi-tea.com. This offer does not apply to wholesale orders.