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Fall Drinking - Delicious Fall Favorite Teas

Fall Drinking - Delicious Fall Favorite Teas

Phoenix Dancong Ao Fu Hou
Iris & Orchids, Lan Hua, Gardenia, muscat grapes, green plum
Item No.: DCOAFY100-RP
Pu'er Classic
Rich, full-bodied and smooth with a deep earthy sweetness and notes of cocoa
Item No.: OPC-OP
Sweet Houjicha Mocha Powder
Chocolate, caramel and roasted malty notes
Item No.: SHPBL500-RP
Golden Yunnan
Malty and rich with a mellow, jammy sweetness and subtle accents of plum and raisin
Item No.: OAGY-OP
Ruby Oolong
Named for its brilliant red infusion, this full-bodied, deeply fermented oolong is slow baked to bring out complex layers of cacao, raisins and black cherry.
Item No.: ORO250-RP
Spicy Masala Chai
Classic masala flavors with the warming addition of chili flakes and ginger.
Item No.: OSMC-OP
Masala Chai
A robust, full-bodied black tea blended with aromatic traditional Indian masala spices
Item No.: OMC-OP
Amber colored infusion with a smooth flavor and accents of chocolate and roasted barley
Item No.: OHOUJ250-RP
Houjicha Chai
Deep chocolatey and toffee-like taste featuring fragrant cinnamon, sweet and earthy licorice root, aromatic cardamom, spicy ginger, black pepper and deep roasted chicory root
Wa Shan Shu Pu'er Loose Leaf Vintage 2022
Barley malt, chocolate bar, porcini mushroom
Item No.: OWSP100-RP
Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tieguanyin)
Smooth and rich with aromas of roasted chestnut and notes of dried apricot
Item No.: IGOM-OP
Pu'er Tuo Cha
Traditional style Pu'er with a robust, soothing flavor and sweet notes of dark mocha