Darjeeling Second Flush Pussimbing DI71
Garden Direct Organic Black Tea
Darjeeling Second Flush Pussimbing DI71
Darjeeling Second Flush Pussimbing DI71
Darjeeling Second Flush Pussimbing DI71
Darjeeling Second Flush Pussimbing DI71
Pussimbing is a 120 years old tea estate where river streams and springs flow through wilderness. The tea gardens are shrouded and shaded under the high mountain mists all year round.


Wintergreen, minty, robust and tropical fruits’ nectar

About This Tea

Pussimbing consistently produces some of the most prestigious organic teas in Darjeeling each year from its steep and sloping gardens. Pussimbing has been under certified organic management practices since 1994. The tea gardens have biodiversity and rich soil structures that nourish exquisite, bold and aromatic teas. Some vintages have rich muscatel and ripeness and others exude a characteristic minty and spicy note found in their second flush lots. Legend remarks that a monk named Pasang found abundant water springs and tea here. In the local Lepcha language, Pussimbing means "the source of water". The place where the monk discovered the spring on Pussimbing was called Mingoo (“valley hidden in the fog”). Mingoo is nowadays, one of the famous garden divisions on the Pussimbing Estate. The tea gardens of Pussimbing Estate are in the Tiger Hill region of Darjeeling which has a panoramic view of Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga. The high mountain energy and character shine in this tea.


Organic black tea

  • Imperial
  • Metric
Traditional Preparation

Add 3g to a gaiwan, tea cupping set or gongfu teapot (per 150ml).
Use 212°F water.
Do not rinse this tea.
Infuse the 1st brew for 3 minutes.

Repeat several times until the flavor and aroma of the tea dissipates. As the brewing session ensues, increase the infusion time to coax out the body and strength of the final infusions.

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