Kawane Shincha
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Kawane Shincha
Kawane Shincha
Kawane Shincha
Kawane Shincha
Kawane Shincha

Kawane Shincha

An exquisite selection of a light-steamed tea from the Kawane region, this tea has an outstanding fragrance and a bright spring energy from the mountains of Shizuoka. 

16+ Servings


Bright and classic Kawane character,

with flowery notes of sakura and brisk

spring mountain energy

About This Tea

Kawane is a famous sencha green tea producing region located south of the Japanese Alps in the Shizuoka Prefecture. The Kawane terroir is blessed with ample rainfall, mountain fog and cool nighttime temperatures that produce brisk and stimulating sencha green teas with distinctive alpine slopes grown character that Japanese tea tasters describe as “Yama No Kaori” or “the fragrance of the mountain.”

This year we selected an exquisite light-steamed asamushi batch of Kawane sencha made from the Koshun tea cultivar. The Japanese tea bush cultivar named Koshun was bred from the mother of Kurosawa and the father of Kanayamidori tea bushes. Koshun has the natural tendency to produce teas with floral, herbal and complex aromas that waft fruits, spices, resinous woods and flowering cherry (sakura). This batch has outstanding fragrance and a bright spring energy from the mountains of Shizuoka.


Green tea


Kawane, Shizuoka, Japan




May 5, 2024


300 meters

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Shizuoka, Japan

The tea growing region located along the streams and valleys of the Abe and Warashina Rivers at the base of Shizuoka’s Southern Alps is a renowned terroir for sencha aficionados with natural micro-climates that are exclusive to the remote inner reaches of the Shizuoka Prefecture. With nearly 800 years of tea farming history, this spectacular tea origin is the highest elevation tea growing region for Japanese sencha and is surrounded by dense mountain forests, clear air, pure river streams and abundant nature.

Rows of green tea plants grow in a field with a black shade cloth partially covering one section, situated against a backdrop of rolling hills and clear sky in the Kawane region of Shizuoka, known for its Kawane Shincha by Rishi Tea & Botanicals.
Hands holding a small bunch of fresh green leaves, reminiscent of the light-steamed tea from Shizuoka's Kawane region, Kawane Shincha by Rishi Tea & Botanicals.
A lush green tea plantation with rows of tea bushes stretches towards a few houses and power lines in the background, set against a backdrop of mountains under a clear blue sky in the scenic Kawane region, known for its exquisite light-steamed Kawane Shincha from Rishi Tea & Botanicals.
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Traditional Tea Preparation

Add 6g tea to a small (150ml/5oz) kyusu teapot.

Use water cooled to 170°F.

Infuse for 45 seconds and decant.

Repeat for another 1-2 infusions for 15 seconds.

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